Matrix SDV 8

The SDV8 is a commercial/industrial 8 bar pressure steam cleaning machine incorporating a chemical delivery system.

Technical data

Dimensions Other
Height (cm) 74 Supply Voltage (V) 240
Height with Handle (cm) 97 Cord Length (M) 10
Depth (cm) 50 Indicators
Depth with Handle & Basket (cm) 70 Steam Pressure (Boiler) Analogue
Width (cm) 50 Steam Temp (Boiler) Digital
Weight (Kg) 35 Boiler ON Indication LED
Functions Steam Ready Indication LED
Steam (Bar) 8 Refill Water Indication LED
Detergent Yes Vacuum ON Indication LED
Vacuum Yes Refill Detergent No
Capacity (Litres) Controls
Water Tank 5 Main Switch On M/C Body
Detergent Tank 2.5 (Ex) Mode Switch Vacuum
Vacuum Tank 12 Steam Trigger On Hose Handle
Boiler 3.3 Detergent Trigger On Hose Handle
Wattage Vacuum Trigger On Hose Handle
Vacuum Motor (W) 850 Steam Regulator Manual Valve
Boiler (W) 3000 Detergent Regulator No
Nominal Input Power (W) 3000


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A stainless steel construction offers great durability, and the deviceĀ features a continuous fill boiler system, allowing refill at anytime during operation. TheĀ integral vacuum system, that has been awarded a Clean Show Innovation Award for its unique design, makes this machine a full package.

High temperature steam penetrates deep into surfaces sanitising and killing bacteria in a wide variety of commercial environments and the integral vacuum ensures surfaces are left clean & dry.

Available in 110V!

Accessories Included;

  • Extension Tube with red locking button for steam & vacuum (X 2 with each machine)
  • 250mm Glass Washer (window squeegee)
  • Round Polyester Detail Brush (small push fit) (X 5 with each machine)
  • Round Brass Detail Brush (small push fit) (X 5 with each machine)
  • Upholstery Suction Tool
  • 400mm Floor Brush Nozzle
  • 400mm Floor Brush Insert
  • 400mm Squeegee Insert
  • 400mm Carpet Insert
  • 4m Hose for Steam, Vacuum & Detergent
  • 150mm Steam & Vacuum Nozzle
  • 150mm Steam & Vacuum Brush Attachment
  • 150mm Steam & Vacuum Squeegee Attachment
  • Long Steam Lance
  • Short Steam Lance